Power Snack

Hummus is the perfect power snack for you to grab from the BLUU post-workout, when you’re heading to class, or if you just need a healthy alternative to dorm room snacking. Hummus is always offered at the BLUU at the Greek Salad Bar in many different varieties, including original, garlic, and black bean. This Greek bean dip is packed with protein, heart-healthy fats, and various essential vitamins. Aside from being delicious, hummus is a great way to get you to eat more vegetables, which can often be hard to incorporate in the college student diet. Pita bread, cucumber slices, and raw broccoli are almost always available both at the Greek Salad Bar and the regular salad bar, so there are many different options for hummus dippers. To take this snack to-go, use paper coffee cups provided by the BLUU as carry-out containers. Enjoy!

Sources: The Huffington Post

Picture: The Ratty Gourmet


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