Breakfast Sushi

Here’s a clever twist on the most important meal of the day! Treat yourself, and start your day with the sweet side of sushi!

The basics are simple:

1. Grab a banana

2. Peel it and coat it with peanut butter

3. Cover the whole thing with your favorite cereal

4. Slice lick a roll of sushi and enjoy!

'Waffle' Breakfast 'Sushi' by tablespoon via normalrecipe #Breakfast #Sushi

Try using a waffle, pancake, crepe, slice of toast, tortilla, or granola instead of cereal for different exterior textures of your sushi roll. Dip your sushi in syrup or honey if you so desire.

Breakfast Sushi

Try using honey, fruit (can be frozen), or cream cheese instead of peanut butter to change the interior of your sushi roll. Have fun creating your own unique breakfast sushi roll!


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